Big bucks no longer a stability requirement for TLDs

According to ICANN to operate a TLD you must demonstrate financial stability.  On the surface this sounds like a reasonable requirement to ensure the functionality you provide will be stable for years to come.  In reality it precludes the entrepreneur from entering the market without being previously successful.  The rootless TLDs technology offered by ShofarDomain removes this concern and opens the market for TLD operators starting with a limited budget.

ICANNs policy means Google, Amazon, Microsoft and the like with their big bucks can apply for a new TLD, but a family enterprise in Latvia need not apply.

A rational concern

Given ICANN’s root based design it is reasonable to set policy to ensure stability of domain names.  If a TLD operator, due to financial or other reasons, were to temporally or permanently cease operations access to their domains would be denied.  The domain holders would lose not only the cost of the domain name, but communications to their sites and emails.  Their costs could be enormous.

For ICANN to take steps to ensure a TLD operator has the financial resources to keep operating is due diligence for the root base architecture.  But that requirement no longer exists in a rootless design.

Stability of a rootless architecture

With a rootless architecture DNS servers can have complete copies of a TLD.  If primary TLD servers go down, others still maintain the data.  So for the immediate, there is no loss of access to domains.

Updates to domain records will happen, and without the primary servers they still can be implemented.  Since the authority of a domain is not held by the TLD operator, but by the digital certificate holder, changes can be made to any server and then propagated to the others.

The rootless architecture provides stability for both the well-funded TLD operator as well as the limited budget enterprise.  Potential of long-term success is no longer a requirement.

Opening the door to the family enterprise

With the stability concerns removed, the barrier to entry can also be removed.  Now a low budget operation can become a TLD operator with the fighting chance of becoming financially stable with their service.

Our family enterprise in Latvia can start their “.LatviaFamily” TLD with a modest investment using ShofarDomain.  If they grow to only 100 domains, they still survive and serve their domain holders.  If they fail, the domains remain stable.  If they become very successful we can all celebrate.

It has been said that “in order to succeed, you must first be willing to fail.”  ShofarDomain’s technology opens the door to the low budget organization to try to succeed, because failure does not bring down the domains.

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