If God wanted man to be private, He wouldn’t have given him the NSA

It has been suggested that in the years leading up to the Wright Brother’s flight in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina that a common thought was “If God had meant for man to fly, He would have given him wings.”  It is a catchy sentence with significant emotion but offers no substance.  The same is true for the numerous pundits who exclaim that there is nothing you can do to secure your privacy from the spying eyes of the NSA.  Do we fall victim to what almost seems like NSA agents speaking and get on our horse to ride out of here, or do we apply reason to seek ways to soar past the blatant spy grid our government has encapsulated us with?

The Matryoshka Communications model documents a comprehensive technique to hide both the data and the metadata of communications.  Multiple layers of encryption, constant fixed packet sizes, and a random contorted path for your messages means that even if the NSA, GCHQ, or the plethora of corporate or government agencies operate Matryoshka Nodes, they get nothing about you; they don’t know who is communicating with whom or when.

A great weakness that most all of us fall victim to is weak passwords.  Even using brute force techniques it is a simple process for the massive computer services that NSA has in Oak Ridge or San Antonio to break a weak password.  However, with the multiple layers of encryption in Matryoshka, most of the password keys are computer generated and very long.  Your paper thin weak link is behind multiple hardened steel walls.

When a computer connects to a Matryoshka node the IP addresses are visible.  However, if any communication is taking place is not visible.  Your home or office computer that is connected 24 hours will give no indication when you are home, what IPs you are communicating with, or any other metadata.  Just like the camper’s maxim to leave no trace, Matryoshka leaves no trace that you were ever connected.

While home and office computers can be completely secured, mobile devices still have their unique ids broadcast and leaves a big hole.  Can Matryoshka also fix that problem?  That is probably as unlikely as one day you will be able to have an entire computer fit in the palm of your hand.

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