Matryoshka Communications

A first version of Matryoshka was developed in 2013 it has undergone some major redesign and significant delays due to funding.

The 2013 video remains essentially accurate “Cryptograms in ShofarPortfolio’s Matryoshka Communications”.

The first version used small packets to be able to work well for audio. However, the limitations it imposed on the amount of routing data that could be included, plus with the general availability of higher speed communications. A 1280 byte packet is now used, 1024 bytes of data, 256 bytes for routing.

The update also improves how message routes are chosen, but they remain chosen wholly by the sending party, so so third party knows the route.

There is also a technique that is being develop so that messages are actually paid for, which results in a priority scheme, as well as opens the door to very local and even one-man service providers.

Development continues in 2018 but is limited due to funding.

If you have a project that could use the technology, please contact”.

Please also consdier the crowdfunding effort”.