Acquire Coin
Coin_Acquire Value

For the demo, the Coin_Acquire command must simply have a value of “Valid”. All other values will be rejected.

Use “Valid” Use “Invalid”
Coin_Acquire Command

Select an issuer to acquire a coin.

ShofarCoin™ ●
ShofarCoin™ Demonstration of ShofarNexus™ Monetary Technology

This is a demonstration site for the monetary technology that is part of ShofarNexus.

ShofarCoin is simply a demonstration of the Coin technology in ShofarNexus. The name used for operational versions may vary widely.


All security on this site has been removed so you are fee to explore as you desire. The site is periodically refreshed so data place on this site will be eventually erased.

The focus on this demo it to allow exploring the underlying technology. This site is simply a normal ShofarNexus site with the additional documentation and specific site names.

The Demo

The technology defines coin holder and coin issuers. They exist as independent sites, such as Alice and Bob. For this demonstration they are on a single computer, but this is not the norm for a live system.

Project Status

There is little cost to operate the technology and it is NOT a method to generate revenue by the manipulation of money, but to provide almost free exchange of funds between parties.

As of December 2018, this is technology in development and is seeking sponsor relationships.

Interested parties please contact